Rock Rabbit V1 Pack Features

High Quality Buckles

We made sure to not compromise on the fittings of our packs. Strong high quality plastic buckles that are adjustable for a snug fit 

high quality toggles

These toggles secure your soft flasks.

fits 2 x 500ml soft flasks in front pockets

The front pockets also have a smaller front pocket where snacks can go. The fabric we have used is stretchy which means the items are gripped in.

attached Whistle inside pocket

Front pocket which has a plastic whistle attached (provided) and where you can also put your pepper spray.

Cell phone pocket

Pocket for your cellphone, – pictured is an iPhone 11 Pro. Fits a phone with the max measurements of 17cm high x 8cm wide, use a ruler to measure your phone or google the dimensions of your particular model if you are unsure.

Velcro attachment for water bladder

Space for a 2l water bladder in back pocket and attachment for it at the top.

Secure bladder pipe

Slides from the back, under the shoulder reflector strip to hold in place and then under the buckles. Open the soft flask toggle and make some room. Slide it up through the pocket elastic and secure under the toggle and tighten.

Large back pocket

The back pocket not only fits the 2l water bladder but has extra space for a warm top.

strong handle for carrying heavy loaded pack

Need to load your pack and then carry it? We have provided a nifty handle for carrying it around when you are not wearing it.

Secure back zip pocket

Designed to hold compulsory race equipment. First Aid kit, Space Blanket and compact folded rain jacket.

Reflector strips

For safety.

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