V3 Ultra 8 Litre Blue


This ULTRA pack has a larger back pocket with a zip to carry essential items for that long distance trail run. The bladder is easily accessible and a small quick release buckle has been added to keep the bladder high up. There is also elastic cord for that extra item and a detachable quiver for poles.

The front is the same as our V1.1 with  6 front pockets for maximum storage and ease of use.

  • 2 water resistant zipped top pockets to hold keys, cards and cellphones.
  • 2 Stretchy pockets to hold 2 x 500 ml water flasks.
  •  2 Large front pocket each side for your essential “on the go” items like food bars, larger size phone or that rain jacket that isn’t needed anymore. The stretchy fabric and elasticated top keeps everything in place but allows easy access while on the run.

The pack has been made with mesh on the inside for breathability and a high quality spandex for the pockets. This spandex is super stretchy and tough so it can expand! It also makes for a snug fit so it moves with you.

This pack is ideal for any type of run, but ideally for the longer runs like Ultras. It has a fluid capacity of up to 3 litres and capacity for about 5 litres of other items.

This pack does not come with poles, or bladder.

PLEASE NOTE : We offer a free exchange if the pack is the wrong size. Please check our size guide for information.
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Please see our size guide. 


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